Four Ways to Offer Courses That Quadruple Their Impact

At Pathwright, we hope technology empowers teachers and experts alike. (I've written about the importance of these complementary relationships before here.)

I want to share a feature that empowers this duo of skills: Cohorts. A Cohort is a set of learners who move through a version of your course together. Cohorts give you the ability to offer your course in multiple ways simultaneously.

Here are four Cohorts you might create:

1. Self-paced courses

Create a self-paced Cohort at a lower price point. The Cohort might involve less moderation (or no moderation), but learners understand they get the value of working at their own pace.

2. Guided & scheduled

Offer a guided, schedule-based Cohort with personal feedback from a teacher. Teachers might give feedback on course work and meet with learners over video chat or in person.

3. Premium content

Offer premium levels of a course with additional bonus content or more individualized instruction.

4. Private cohorts

Offer private Cohorts for another teacher or organization to teach to their own learners.

Multiple course offerings means even more ways to help learners. The beauty is that you can offer any combination of these groups at any time. Set custom prices for each or offer them for free — it’s up to you.

If you’re already using Pathwright and would like a little more guidance on offering Cohorts, check out this article from our Guidance Team.

Thousands of people use Pathwright every day to design and teach dynamic courses. You can try out Pathwright for free. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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